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What is MTBSO?

In this article we explain the benefits of using a Mean Time Between Stock-Out (MTBSO) goal as opposed to using Stock-Out-Risk, Availability or Unavailability goals for spare parts optimisation.

Spare Parts Optimization

The goal of Spare Parts Optimization is to maximize Operational Availability whilst minimizing Life Cycle Costs. With this in mind, one of our customers recently asked: The budgets of our customers are being continually slashed, yet they still want and need the same level of spare parts support. Is there a way of using Spares […]

How to Calculate Spare Parts with a Discard on Failure Repair Policy

Many items in a typical inventory do not actually get repaired and they are simply discarded on failure. These are known as items with a discard on failure repair policy. A customer recently asked: How should I model with items that have a discard on failure repair policy in Spares Calculator? Discussion The short answer […]

How to Establish Stock-Out-Risk Goals

Here is an example of a recent question that we were asked by a client. I have a unit that with a lifetime of 10 years and I want zero stock-out-risk. How many spare parts should I recommend? The short answer to this is infinity spare parts. Only infinity spare parts could achieve a zero […]

How to Calculate a Spare Parts Lifetime Buy?

Spare parts obsolescence and redundancy are an important factor in managing the lifecycle of a typical high value system. Electronic components typically have short production lifecycles, typically 2-5 years and even military suppliers have difficulty maintaining production past this point without special government funding. Here is a question that was recently asked by one of […]

Spares Calculator helps a global manufacturer to optimize their spare parts deployments, maximize system availability and minimize their through life costs.

Is it possible to maximize system availability and minimize through life costs? According to a Fortune-500 global manufacturing company it can. A few years ago the company’s 6-sigma team became aware of Spares Calculator and decided to run a trial. The results showed that all of their sites were over-stocking on certain line items and […]