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Spares Calculator helps a global manufacturer to optimize their spare parts deployments, maximize system availability and minimize their through life costs.

Is it possible to maximize system availability and minimize through life costs? According to a Fortune-500 global manufacturing company it can. A few years ago the company’s 6-sigma team became aware of Spares Calculator and decided to run a trial. The results showed that all of their sites were over-stocking on certain line items and under-stocking on others.

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Spares Calculator provides the scientific justification needed to support a military spare parts order worth more than $3,000,000

A supplier of military equipment was asked to bid for a large naval retrofit program. During the tender evaluation process the supplier received a clarification request from the customer which stated:

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Spares Calculator helps a national telecommunications operator to improve their spare parts procurement policy

Can you safely reduce your investment in spare parts? A national telecommunications operator recently asked this very question. The answer was simple – Yes! By implementing new risk-management procurement procedures across the entire organization. The procurement and operations teams were then equipped with Spares Calculator and they now use it to carry out risk-assessments on all high-value spare parts.

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